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COVID-19 Update for our Valued Customers

At MCE, we understand and value our role in supporting essential manufacturing that is vital to our nation during this time of crisis.  As such, the MCE family of companies, including RitterTech, Fluid Systems Engineering, Primet Fluidpower and Tri-State Hose and Fittings, are open for business and here to help you through these challenging times.

As a company, we have put action plans in place to keep both our employees and customers safe. We have also reached out to all of our major suppliers to gauge the overall impact that the COVID-19 will have on their businesses. Based on feedback from our suppliers at this time, we do not anticipate any significant supply disruptions for our products and services.  All of our distribution centers, fabrication operations, and Parker Stores are currently open and operating. We are ready and able to serve you where needed.

We are conducting business as usual. We are quoting items, processing orders, and shipping/receiving items.

As far as customer visits from our sales staff, we are leaving that up to the customer's discretion. If you would like us to come and see you, we will. We realize many of you have put visitation restrictions in place to protect your associates, along with ours, from possible infection of the COVID-19 virus. If you would like us to stay away and keep all contact to e-mail/phone, we can do that too. If needed, we can also use tools such as Facetime, video chats, Go to Meeting, Skype or Google Chat as needed. For a full list of contact information for each of our divisions and ParkerStores, please click here or on the button below.

As we face this unprecedented challenge together, we thank you for your continued support and look forward to helping you in any way we can. We will update our website with any changes to our program.


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